Greetings from Aunti Cindi

Welcome to Aunti Cindi Presents! I must admit, I do wish I had the advice of a great and knowledgeable Aunti Cindi when I took my first steps on my life’s journey. Envision an Aunti Cindi offering sage advice, borne in years of struggling and learning from mistakes, all in the name of getting it right while following her passion.

One can well-imagine that Aunti Cindi finally found her calling and now lives a posh life on Park Avenue, always respectful of those on all rungs of the ladder. Steeped in the mindset that if the foundation is strong, the creativity can be a bit more daring, she doles out food for thought rather than capital for investment.

Mindful of the long, arduous path to success, Aunti Cindi is very selective about how she lives her life and spends her cash. A lover of the earth and the finer things in life, her fur may be faux but her rubies are real.

With no children to carry on her ways, part of Aunti Cindi’s legacy is to educate and promote thought among those who choose the fulfilling but difficult path of embracing their dreams in business and in life.

In that vein, I’ve asked my friends to share their knowledge with you, not to tell you how to do everything in minute detail but to encourage you to think and apply those ideas in a way that makes sense for you. In the end, not every business or personal pursuit is successful no matter how hard you try. If so, analyze, evaluate and move forward. That is your best option.

I do hope that Aunti Cindi Presents is helpful to you and your business. Along the way, please remember to be kind to one another, love one another, be supportive of others and be thankful for your blessings.

Sparkle on!

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